1. Who we are
2. What is personal data
3. Purpose of personal data processing
4. Personal data we process
5. Location tracking and background location tracking
6. Legal bases
7. Recipients of personal data
8. Data security
9. Access and correction
10. Retention
11. Deletion
12. Portability
13.Direct Marketing
14. Update of Privacy Policy
15. Storage and transfer of data outside Europe
16. How to contact us

SIA GOOSE is a commercial company registered in the Republic of Latvia, (Company Registration Number 40203254599) located at Ludza, Stacijas iela 49-4, LV-5701.
SIA GOOSE is the owner of the GETIFY app for order and pickup of food and drinks. Clients (hereinafter “users” or “clients”) of the GETIFY app set the planned route, choose the best from the wide range of restaurants, cafeterias, food corners (hereinafter “eating points”) along their route, order what they crave from the online menu and then pick up.
SIA GOOSE is the controller of personal data.
The term "us" or "we" refers to the owner of the GETIFY app, SIA GOOSE, a private limited company, founded in the Republic of Latvia.

According to the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (hereinafter - the Regulation), personal data is any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person (data subject). Personal data include any information by which a person can be identified, directly or indirectly, such as name, surname, personal identification number, residential address or actual location, physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social characteristics of that person, identity factors and other similar information which characterizes the person concerned and enables him/her to be identified, directly or indirectly.
With regard to your personal data, we are acting as sole data controller who determines the purposes and means of the processing of personal data.
Our intention is to provide you with the maximum information about our actions with this personal data, so that when you submit your personal data to us, you will know how it will be used.

  • We collect and process personal data for the purpose of connecting clients with the restaurants (eating points) to help them buy service more efficiently.
  • We display geolocation data, the phone number of the clients, car number of clients to eating points to enable efficient pick-up and control of clients’ approach. Geolocation data is collected when the GETIFY app is activated in the client’s mobile device as long as client’s order is in process. The collection of geolocation data stops after closing the GETIFY app and after the client’s order is completed or cancelled and the client does not have any orders in the process. Depending on your selected device settings and/or your account settings we may collect information about your location and travel (or lack thereof) also while you are not using GETIFY app, but only with your directly expressed consent at the moment of installation of GETIGY app for service provision purposes, example, in order to provide informative notifications on processing of order, to be able to tell you when to leave in time for collection of an order made and for the eating point to inform you on status of your order.
  • We may use geolocation data to resolve quality issues related to service provision by eating points.
  • We use contact details to notify clients of updates to the GETIFY app.
  • Your name, phone number and e-mail will be used to communicate with you for service provision purposes.
  • We obtain payment details to process clients’ payment on behalf of eating points for provided services by eating points.
  • We do not store payment card details provided by clients. The payment card details are only processed for completion of payment.
  • Customer support data is collected on a case-by-case basis and stored for the purpose of resolving disputes and service quality issues.
  • We collect information about your activity in the Services, which we use to provide you with the Services of GETIFY, including features which are meant to personalize your experience and background location tracking to provide better service (see more detailed information on location tracking in Article no.5):
  • Contact information: name, phone number, e-mail address, car number, car photo.
  • Biological information.
  • Location of the users, the time of journey and the destination of the eating point. App uses background location tracking which allows app to track user location if the app is closed, too. However customer can choose to disable the location tracking and use the service without it.
  • Travel and route information. Location and route information is collected for example in the form of GPS signals (combined with a time-stamp), IP address and other information from sensors and receivers on or around your device, on which the GETIFY app is installed and activated. This location and route information is saved to a route history of journeys you have made while using the GETIFY app. The types of location data we collect depends in part on your device and account settings. For example, depending on your selected device settings and/or your account settings we may collect information about your location and travel (or lack thereof) also while you are not using the app, in order to be able to tell you when to leave for planned drives.
  • Payment information and historical data.
  • History of orders made via GETIFY app – specific needs, meals, preferences, including allergies.
  • the products you searched for while using GETIFY app;
  • Information about disputes and feedback ratings.
  • Identification data of the device on which the GETIFY app has been installed.
  • Website and communication information such as details collected by cookies and other similar tracking technologies when you use our sites or apps.
  • Text, images, and other user content you provide.
  • With your as a client’s accept, we shall process your location data and shall have access to your location based on the data received from your mobile device. We shall process this information only for purposes for provision of services and for your as a client’s benefit.
  • The types of location data we collect depends in part on your device and account settings.
  • GETIFY app may use foreground location tracking to display the eating points nearby and your location in the eating point map. Foreground location tracking is performed only if you have given your consent.
  • GETIFY app may use background location tracking if you have given consent to use it. GETIFY will use location tracking when app is closed if you have made an order and the eating point is waiting for your arrival.
  • Background location tracking is used to provide real-time information for the eating point which is preparing your order, so the eating point would have real-time information on your exact arrival time and the eating point would see when you are nearby to bring the delivery out to you in the designated pickup point.
  • Background location tracking is not a mandatory requirement for creating orders in GETIFY app, however the location information is crucial for the best user experience so you would receive your meal order warm when you arrive and you would not need to wait for the delivery person. Once you have reiceved your order, the eating point does not have access to your location information.
  • GETIFY does not use location tracking for advertising purposes, nor is this information shared with any 3rd party advertising platforms.
  • We shall identify your mobile device location at the moment when order is processed and until the moment when it is completed or cancelled. This may include location tracking in foreground if app is opened and background location tracking, if app is closed.
  • Closing of GETIFY app in your mobile device during processing of order made by you as a client shall not close your background location access. To terminate the access to your location via your mobile device you shall, depending on the mobile device settings, terminate access in the settings of your mobile device.
  • GETIFY app shall use your background location even when GETIFY app is closed or not in use during processing of your order to ensure that you as client receive complete service and the eating points can prepare and deliver the food at the expected time with regard to your order made. Client’s background location access shall be exercised as long as your order is completed or cancelled. As soon as there is no pending order from you as a client in GETIFY app, we shall not use your background location, including when GETIFY app is closed or not in use.
  • Information of your location shall be accessible to GOOSE, GETIFY service providers and eating points to which an order has been made and is being processed. While your order is processed, we shall collect data on your location from your mobile device, including current location and during a time period while your order is being processed to determine your time of arrival at the eating point. Should it notably differ from the time you have made for collection of an order, we shall notify you on this for your benefit to minimize risks related to completion of your as a client’s order.
  • We only process lawfully personal data, i.e. if at least one of the following grounds can be established:
  • Personal data is processed in order to provide the service contracted with users (clients). We collect and processes the personal data submitted by the clients (users) in the course of installation and use of the GETIFY app and website The prerequisite for the use of GETIFY services is the user’s (client’s) agreeing to the processing of identification and geolocation data.
  • We may use personal data to facilitate payments between clients and eating points.
  • Once you have made a meal order via GETIFY app, additional information, is provided to the eating point to facilitate communication.
  • We may use personal data to provide support, including to assist with resolving service quality issues and to respond to queries from clients, eating points.
  • We use contact details to notify clients of updates to our website and the GETIFY apps.
  • Personal data may be also processed on legitimate interest grounds, for example in investigating and detecting fraudulent payments.
  • We may use personal data to improve GETIFY app (including their security features) and our website by analysing it to better understand your needs, our business and services.
  • To provide you with marketing materials (lawful basis: consent, legitimate interest (where we are not required to rely on consent, to keep you updated with news in relation to our products and services and to enable us to analyse how you interact with our communications).
The personal data of clients is only disclosed to eating points who have activated GETIFY app; in such case, the eating point will see the name, phone number, car number and geolocation data of the client (user of GETIFY app).
Pursuant to data processing agreement concluded between the eating points and GETIFY, after providing the delivery service, the eating point is entitled to retain the Client data related to the performance of the service for the maximum period of 1 month.

We use services provided by third parties to help us conduct and administer our business.
These are third parties such as credit institutions in connection with the settlements to be made; our information technology and database maintainers and their administration service providers; cloud computing service providers; providers of legal services, accounting and auditing services.
Third parties through whom we send commercial and other communications and information, record telephone conversations in our call centre; third parties who carry out customer surveys on our behalf and compile the results of these surveys.
In each specific case, we only provide the data controller with the amount of your data that is necessary for the respective purpose and task.
Data is processed only for this purpose and task, it is protected in accordance with the requirements of the Regulation and other applicable laws and regulations.

You can access and update your personal data via the GETIFY app. You have rights to request your personal data to be updated, amended or deleted, as well as request limitation of processing of your personal data. This should be done in writing and your requests shall be processed after we have verified you as a client.

Your personal data will be stored as long as you have an active user’s account in GETIFY app. If your account is closed, personal data will be deleted (according to the policies set out in this section) from the databases, unless such data is required to be retained for other exceptional purposes, such as accounting, dispute resolution or fraud prevention purposes.
Financial data regarding eating point services provided to clients will be stored for 3 years after the last purchase.
Data required for accounting purposes will be stored for 7 years (after the last purchase).
In the event that there are suspicions of a criminal offence, fraud or false information having been provided, the data will be stored for 10 years after closing of your account.
In case of payment disputes, data will be retained until the claim is satisfied or the expiry date of such claims.
Please note that the deinstallation of GETIFY app in your device does not cause the deletion of your personal data.
If the GETIFY app has not been used for some time period, we may contact you and ask you to confirm whether account is still active. If no reply is received, the account will be closed and personal data will be deleted unless such data is required to be stored for accounting, dispute resolution or fraud prevention purposes.

You should also bear in mind that any request to delete your personal data is possible only if we delete your account. As a result of that you will not be able to use GETIFY app via an account which has been deleted.

We will respond to any request for transfer of personal data submitted by e-mail within a month and specify when the data transfer will take place. After we have verified the customer in question, we will provide you with your personal data, which includes: contact information, last 3 years' journey history and payment information.

We will only use your e-mail address and/ or phone number to send direct marketing messages if you have given us permission to do so via the website or via the GETIFY app. We may personalize direct marketing messages using the information how you use GETIFY services (frequency of use, journeys, payments).
If you no longer wish to receive direct marketing messages, please click the "Unsubscribe" link in the footer of our e-mail or in profile section of the GETIFY app.

Privacy Policy is accessible in the website and in GETIFY app. GOOSE retains the rights to unilaterally update the Privacy Policy. Should we proceed with any amendments to the Privacy Policy You shall be notified about that and shall find the latest version of the Privacy Policy in the website and in GETIFY app.

GOOSE shall process and store your data primarily in Europe based on its place of location. However, to ensure provision of services, we may transfer your personal data to our cooperation partners participating in service provision outside the European Union. Should this happen, GOOSE shall notify the service provider that adequate level of protection of personal data shall be ensured in jurisdictions outside the European Union where personal data is processed and/or stored. The data transfer to countries located outside the European Union shall be performed only and as far as necessary for provision of services to you as client.

Disputes relating to the processing of personal data are resolved through customer support (
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